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Community Projects


Nica Vets November 2016

For the second year in a row Azul organised and hosted Nica Vets in our area. On November 12 2016 this group of voluntary vets worked diligently from 7am to 8.30pm seeing 125 dogs and cats (62 of whom were spayed/neutered) and on the following day 12 horses (one which was castrated under anaesthetic). Their dedication to helping animals in this country is inspiring and we at azul are proud to give support.

This year Jerry, the owner of lot 16 at azul, set up a ‘go fund me’ account and we were able to raise over 1000 usd. Thank you to all those who donated including Aurora realty.

Accommodation was again at Margaritas house at circle of empowerment and also casa Liz. Thank you both for the free use of your houses.

Martin Ramero continued his enormous efforts to make the day a success by visiting the local communities before and during the event, attaching signs in the local areas, putting up tents, and just doing anything that needed to be done to make the weekend a success. Adonis Espinal (owner of lot 2A) again donated the use of his truck and spent the day transporting dogs and cats, with their owners, to azul. Christine from coco loco resort took photos of the day, Jamie, local independent business owner, Kelly, retired x-pat, welsh travellers Ashley and Sheri, local community member Marvin and the azul gardeners Bismark and Jose ensured that all dogs and cats were registered. They also provided owners and pets with food and water through-out the day. Thank you for giving up your time and making a difference to our beautiful community.

a cat recieves medical treatment a cat recieves medical treatment a cat recieves medical treatment

Nica Vets August 2015

The first community project to be sponsored and hosted by Azul was organising Nica Vets, a voluntary group of vets from Granada, to assist people and their pets in the local community. On August 29th 2015 Nica Vets treated 77 animals ranging from health checks, vaccinations, spay and neutering. A great turn out for a first event. Many thanks to Peter & Michelle Corselli and Margarita from Circle of Empowerment both of whom donated the use of their houses for the weekend. This allowed Nica Vets somewhere beautiful to stay (along with Casa Boom) prior and after the event. You can check out the Corselli house on Air bnb

Thank you also to Aurora realty for their contribution.

The day proceeded smoothly thanks to the help of many volunteers. A huge thank you to Martin Ramero (you can read about him in staff profiles) who worked tirelessly before and during the day in organising and reaching out to the local communities. Adonis Espinal (also in staff profiles) for the use of his truck and time transporting dogs, cats and their owners to the Azul restaurant. Idalia, Magalis, Elena, Marvin and Yaihara for cooking, cleaning and taking registrations of animals on the day.

Grace from Gracious Living Lifestyle Retreats owner of Lot 14 at Azul, Local surfer and ex-pat Kelly and traveller Marianne all gave their time and care to the animals and people attending.

And of course this would not have been possible without Nica Vets. Jason and his team of 14 vets from Granada worked tirelessly and professionally. They were fun, energetic and passionate in their care and vision to assist the people and animals of Nicaragua.

Thanks also to the people of the local communities who took the time and effort bringing their pets to this event.

a cat recieves medical treatment a cat recieves medical treatment a cat recieves medical treatment a cat recieves medical treatment a cat recieves medical treatment