Green acres at Azul


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Does development have to be at the expense of the environment? Azul recognises the need to work with the environment, preserving, enhancing, and looking beyond economic progress while embracing quality of life. Azul resolves to construct sustainable developments protecting future ecological processes. The mission statement of Azul is to offer a concept of living which enhances the location, allows space and conserves community resources.

Overall the goal of Azul is to build a social and natural environment that places emphasis on:

The entrance to the community has:

  • Security guard structure and Recycle rubbish station
  • Laundromat
  • Open Air Restaurant
  • Pool
  • Yoga Platform
  • Park and common recreational grounds

There are 18 lots which are all over 2000 square metres (half acre). Each lot has a view of the ocean and the outer reefs. Lots or blocks 14 to 19 also encompass views of Volcan San Cristobal-Casita.

Azul recognises that in Nicaragua water is not an infinite commodity. Azul will provide well and rain water to each home with three wells and rain water collection systems. Azul will also encourage lot owners to have their own rainwater collection with a tank of at least 2500 litres. Grey water from each home will also be fed into the garden areas.

Azul sits in a great location with easy access to the range of surf breaks and on the paved road. How the surf is breaking on the outer reefs (viewed from your house) will indicate which break will be working best on the given tide, swell and wind direction. It’s also an easy drive to Chinandega from Azul as we are on the paved road.