Azul Sunset View




Landscaping and security team at azul

Interviewed and interpreted by Martin Romero

I am from a community called Araditos from Cinco Pinos North of Chinanadega. I have 5 siblings in total and I am the second oldest. My parents had work as farmers in the early years.

Now I support my mother financially especially because of my two younger sisters who are 8 and 6 years of age. I am also part of the church and attend church whenever I visit my family and home town.

I am so grateful to Jannene for taking me into the Azul family. I thank God and her for the opportunity of employment. I hope to stay working for Azul as long as God permits it.

I started working at Azul on and off 6 months ago but thanks to Jannene I am now working fulltime. I’ve been working here for 5 months full time. I like the security work. Jannene is training us in fighting techniques. I don’t know how she learnt them. Security has a lot of responsibility and I take my work very seriously. It is important to me that the whole of Azul is safe.

I enjoy riding horses and sometimes ride to work for the night shift. I ride whenever I have time. I like to groom them and keep them shinny. I talk to them as if they were people, they are very smart animals, and I feel I can communicate with them.

Yesbin Yesbin


Landscaping and security team at azul

Interviewed and interpreted by Martin Romero

I was born in this community and I have lived here all of my life. I attended school from 1st to 12th grade and I can read and write. Most of my classmates still live in the community.

I am 22 years of age and I have been married for about 1 year. We have no children yet and we want to wait a bit more. Since I was a small child my father has always taught me to work in the fields. I know that it is hard work but I am kind of used to it.

I enjoy playing soccer with my friends in the afternoons whenever possible if I am off from work or have no chores at home. But most of the time I spend with my wife.

I like Azul, lots of people come to the restaurant. It is nice to have visitors in our community. I like the idea that construction is going on. It gives the community men a chance to work and support their families. Even though my work is gardening it makes me feel good to see the construction team at the work sites because I imagine how happy that will make their families now and in the future.

I thank God and Jannene for the job opportunity that she has given me. I started working for Azul about a year ago, just a few shifts a week but gradually Jannene has given me more chances to work more shifts. She is a fair person. If I do things right or wrong she will tell me. She bakes biscuits for us and I really like that.

jose Jose


Head Gardener and Security at Azul

Interviewed and interpreted by Martin Romero

I was born in Leon but I have been living in this community for almost 10 years. I moved here with my mother and father and siblings.

I am married with two children, a 5 year old girl and a 10 month old boy.

I have always liked gardening and that’s why I enjoy working at Azul, but don’t take me wrong I will do whatever jobs come up. If I have too. I am the head of the household in my family since my wife has the care of our two small children.

I am really thankful to God and Jannene for Azul because I have a secure job and a contract for employment. Azul is employing me and other members of our community. She has been very kind and understanding to me. We laugh a lot together even though her Spanish is quite bad and I don’t speak English. But we seem to talk and laugh a lot. I told her that I wanted to stay at Azul until I am too old to work. She said that when I got too old to push a wheelbarrow then it was time to go. That will be a long time yet. Thanks to Jannene I can provide for my family. That makes me feel very good.

Bismark Bismark

Martin Romero

Co-ordinator of Azul Recycle Program, night security, future employment at the Azul Restaurant

Since the early stages of the life I have worked in customer service. My family owned a bakery which I worked in from a young age. That’s how I got into the hospitality business. Even though it was not a real job it was mainly a way to assist my family. I helped out as a cashier or giving bread to the clients. I always felt comfortable working with the public and still enjoy the aspect of meeting new people. It is important to me to welcome customers and make them feel at home, so I continued in the hospitality business throughout my life both in Chinandega and Managua. When not working I enjoy reading and nature, especially the beach. I am fluent in English and of course Spanish and am also learning French. I enjoy languages and the history of languages.

What I enjoy most about working for Jannene at Azul is her vision to create while being environmentally friendly. I manage her recycle program and I was very keen to take on this project. And the fact that she supported and helped me with continuing my university studies and schedule.

The future of Azul is that the project will make the difference in our community and maybe our whole country, because of the focus on environment and safe, friendly communities. I see myself at Azul in a long term commitment and I am glad to be part of a growing community.

martin watering the garden Martin and his dog Scobbie help with watering the gardens

Adonis Espinal

Foreman and leader of the Azul Build and Construction Team.

Interviewed and interpreted by Martin Romero

I commenced work at the age of 14. I worked with my dad in construction. At the age of 18 I started work in construction for the marina Puesta de Sol and worked there for 10 years. After tht I became an independent builder for small constructions working my way up to bigger construction sites. At the moment I am working on the restrooms and pump shed on the Azul property of Jannene’s. Throughout time I’ve gained experience thanks to all of the jobs I’ve done. More recently, with the help of Jannene, I have created a team of local builders and workers of whom I am in charge of. Working for Jannene has been a different experience because she has not only been a boss but a friend. We are now building our 6th construction together so we have got to know each other. We have developed an understanding and a mutual respect. It is very nice to be working next to her and the company she is forming.

Building has been a part of my family because as long as I can remember my grandfather was in the business of construction then my father and uncles. Maybe this is why Jannene and I work so well together. She tells me that she grew up on construction sites as well with her father and grandfather being builders. As of right now my brother and I do constructions as a way of living and hopefully with Gods help my son will also be a builder. I like my job and I like to see how it develops, as a construction from beginning to end.

Constructions have improved in a very short period of time thanks to all of the investors that have arrived to our country. Thanks to them we can see changes for the better. I see a lot of future ahead for Azul and I see it as a big and welcoming place for all of those people who are going to be a part of it.

So far of all the builds I have done so far with the Azul team the restaurant has been my favourite. This is because it was something different for me and a new challenge. And Casa Simon, I really like the design and flow of that house.

martin watering the garden Adonis

Remigio Alvarez

Construction worker in the Azul team.

Interviewed and interpreted by Martin Romero

I like working hard since I was a small child. I used to help my neighbours to get extra money. I enjoy spending time with my wife and son. I love travelling because since I was a little kid my grandfather used to take me on trips in Central America because of his work.

My first official job was as a cowboy but I also worked with a machete cutting down branches and grass. In the building business I started at the age of twenty and from then on I have worked in construction. I started working for Jannene when she was building casa Simon. I feel good working for Jannene and I thank God and her for the opportunity she has given me. May the Lord bless her. I like the projects and how she is trying to help our community, with recycling rubbish and helping dogs and cats.

Working at Azul has given me a new perspective in building. Jannene’s vision also has helped me to see things in a future time. I see her look at things on construction sites from lots of different angles. Then she talks to Adonis. Then together Adonis and her look at things from lots of different angles. And I wonder what surprising thing we will build next.

remigio Remigio

Javier Luna

Construction worker in the Azul team.

Interviewed and interpreted by Martin Romero

I am a married man and father of three children. I am a member of the church and believe in being friendly to everyone. I started working for Jannene when she was building casa boom. I see it as a really positive work-site and I am glad I am working for her. God has blessed us through her.

She has bought good to the community. Helping our dogs and local rubbish. Jannene likes a clean construction site, she is always picking up rubbish and has different bins for different rubbish.

Since I was very young I helped my mother and father at the chores at home and at the rice, corn fields for a small amount of hours. At the age of fourteen I started working in construction sites as a helper. As I grew older I gained more experience and it has become a way of living for me.

Working at Azul has been so good for us. It is bringing us a way to give support to our families, especially our sons and daughters. Through Jannene we have had constant work for 2 years. I have never had this before. Through the money I have earned I was able to put a new roof on my house.

javier Javier