Azul yoga platform


The yoga platform is a 9m by 9m open aired space with ocean views and surrounded by garden and fruit trees. Solid bamboo flooring, calming earthy tones and colours with bamboo ceilings ensure that the natural materials are in harmony with the practice and principals of yoga. Large over hangs on the roof allow protection from sun and rain.
Completely off grid our yoga platform is solar powered with rain water collection for the bathroom and shower and a garden watering filtration system for the grey water. Complete your yoga practice knowing the footprint in this space is minimal.
A private area, nestled into the Azul Park, the yoga platform enables creativity, flow and most importantly room to breathe.
This space is available for designated classes, massage, retreats and the personal practice of Azul residents.

Azul welcomes yoga instructor Christine

Tight muscles and lacking flexibility is what first brought me to yoga -- I was sitting in an office all day and then working out religiously at a gym afterwards, with a quick stretch here and there. I felt "in shape" but definitely noticed an overall tightness in my body. So I dropped into my first yoga class and was hooked. I started adding yoga classes to my routine and began exploring the different styles, realizing the countless benefits of a consistent practice -- flexibility, strength and mind to body connection to name a few.

Turns out yoga is what would bring me to Nicaragua. I signed up for a 200 hour Teacher Training at El Coco Loco Resort and completed the course with Kimberly Waugh of Radiant Life Yoga School. Little did I know I would be calling El Coco Loco my home! As a resident yoga instructor of the resort, my favourite type of class to lead are hatha/vinyasa flows, from strong and energizing to relaxing and restorative. I love strong flows within my personal practice, although living in Nicaragua has taught me the benefits of slowing down -- and I am learning to see the importance of this in my yoga practice and elsewhere ;) That being said, I will never turn down the opportunity of an energizing, sweaty yoga session first thing in the morning.

My husband Ben and I, along with our good friends Bryan and Amie, are excited to be a part of Azul -- a development that fosters both community and sustainable living. We look forward to seeing the Azul community take shape!


Azul welcomes Rachel, a vinyasa flow instructor.

Rachel and her husband Bill look forward to building on lot 19 in the near future. And when they arrive we look forward to Rachel offering classes at Azul. This is what Rachel has to say about her journey to Northern Nicaragua.

I consider it a great privilege to lead and share a Yoga practice on a day to day basis with my local community which is located in McKinney, Texas, a suburb north of Dallas.

I have had a personal Yoga practice for more than 10 years and have been teaching for the last 8. I completed my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2009.

My passion for Yoga is born from my own journey of transformation through Yoga. Yoga has been the driving force, the engine of healing for my own body, mind and spirit.

My two favorite practices are a vinyasa flow and yin. I absolutely love a flow that can lead me from pose to pose, from breath to breath, a practice that allows me to feel rooted, connected, strong and present.

Our decision to move to northern Nicaragua is the pursuit of a life a little less ordinary. My husband Bill is the master of research and study. After months of diligent and intensive research, he made a simple but life changing suggestion…to change our “let’s think outside the box” mantra to “let’s throw away the box” shall we? Brilliant! So here we find ourselves not ready to retire in the true sense but to take the energy we both have to a new place where we can embrace a slower pace of life, remove unneeded stimulus, and throw away the “need for the sake of need” lifestyle, and find abundance in the midst of simplicity. As our children begin their adult life adventure it is time for us to pursue our own adventure.

When we met Jannene and heard her story and her vision for Azul we knew we found what we were looking for. Her vision of building not in the brick and mortar sense but in the sense of community completely aligned with our vison. So here we are and we walk with her. We, as well, want to build not only our personal spirit but the spirit of community.

I love my husband to the moon and back. I believe our children, Tara, Nathan, Jacob, Clare and Aaron, are the most beautiful, handsome, funny, charismatic, scariest people ever born and the smartest…most of the time. I enjoy sampling craft beers and my husband’s culinary creations. I’m weirdly addicted to my dog. And I hate spiders.

To say my first step onto a Yoga mat was the first step on a new life journey, may be a bit cliché, so be it. That journey has been wildly challenging, sometimes sad to the point of heartbreak, mostly glorious and has culminated here to the North Coast of Nicaragua. We are thrilled beyond all we can imagine to soon call Azul home.


Azul welcomes Grace Van Berkum of Gracious Living lifestyle Retreats

I teach yoga, provide nutrition classes, and personal train clients. I do Gracious Living retreats that incorporate all these things, plus surfing and volcano trekking, throughout Nicaragua, and around the world. Teaching people how to lead happier lives by learning how to reconnect with themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually is the most amazing thing for me and I feel blessed that I can share this.

I am passionate about cultivating inner peace, increasing vitality, preventing disease, and living the life of your dreams through conscious eating, exercise, yoga, and connecting to nature. I am a girl working on becoming whole and discovering my truth while following the sun, and guiding people towards their own wholeness and greatness along the way.

Two years ago I spent six months studying and working in the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas. I decided that I was breaking up with winter and continued to head to warmer, tropical climates. I decided I needed to create a life that I LOVED. I headed to Central America to explore and teach yoga, but have become so captivated by the natural beauty of Nicaragua that I haven’t left.

I feel that my combination of life experiences and education, the suffering and triumphs I have endured, and my dedication to my own personal growth and self-awareness every single day, makes me a motivating, compassionate, and devoted wellness coach. I teach from the heart. I am happiest when I am helping others discover their own truth. My goal is to guide you to optimal health so that you can flourish in every moment of your life.